DL-70 series smart mirrors with acrylic light guide

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DL70 series smart mirror use acrylic light guide plate design, providing uniform, full and bright side light effect, to achieve the effect of soft light not harsh.

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The products of the DL70 series use the latest generation of touch switches as standard. We have cooperated with our suppliers to develop a new generation of touch switches. In order to improve the use experience of the mirror and reduce the number of switches on the mirror, we put all the functions on themirror. It is integrated in a switch, and the functions controlled by the switch are switched through different touch methods. At the same time, there is a memory chip inside the switch, which can remember the last adjustment of the light form by the user. Even if the mirror is completely powered off and then powered on, the switch will not be affected. memory.

At the same time, we have added the function of heating and defogging separately to the DL70 series products. By heating the surface of the mirror, the temperature of the mirror is 15 to 20 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature, and the fog on the surface of the mirror is eliminated within a saferange, so that the mirror can be used in the bathroom. It is not affected by water vapor when used inside.

All of our products use top-grade environmentally friendly copper-free mirrors with high flatness and light transmittance as high as 98%. The transparent mirror can better reflect the scene in front of the mirror and prevent image distortion. The back of the mirror uses the German Valspar® anti-oxidation coating. The protective layer formed by the coating can prevent the metal in the mirror from reacting with the moisture in the air and prolong the service life of the mirror.

Our products have CE, TUV, ROHS, EMCUL and other certifications, and can be customized according to different countries with different electrical specifications.

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